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Join us for a short, sharp, adrenaline packed experience on the water. Perfect for passionate adventure sport lovers, race down the Lunahuana river. No prior experience is required, as there are different routes available for all ages and experiences.

Admire the beautiful landscapes of the Lunahuaná Valley.



Departure 5am en Larcomar

  • Cerro Azul : Our first stop will be at the Cerro Azul in the province of Cañete. We will visit the Cerro Azul Dock built in 1924 and with an extension of 400 meters long.  We will enjoy the beautiful view of the spa and a small craft fair typical of the Cañete area.
  • San Vicente de Cañete - Ruinas Incahuasi  : Following our tour, we will make a panoramic stop at the Incahuasi Ruins to observe the Palace of the Inca and its religious quarter. Our guide will make us know a little more about its history.
  • We will arrive in the district of Lunahuaná and we will visit its main square, its church and its portals that adorn this beautiful valley.•
  • At Lunahuana, you will practice the famous adventure sports of Canoeing, Canopy or Quad (ATV). Accompanied and directed by a specialized sports staff who will guide us throughout the sports journey and with all the security protocols.
  • Lunch at Lunahuana
  • Catapalla Village :  visit of the winery ( wines, pisco and macerated). An expert worker from the winery will teach us step by step the techniques of the wine and pisco process.
  • We will visit the Mis Girasoles beekeeping, where they will explain the entire honey process, the breeding of bees, the extraction of their products and what they are used for and what benefits they have. Then, we will go on to taste the different types of honey, pollen and propolis.


09:00 PM: Arrival in Lima at the same initial starting points.


    • Transport 
    • Tourist Guide
    • Degustacion de pisco
    • Rafting 
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