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Fly over the water in a speedboat with your guide, then jump off to swim among sea lions in their natural habitat. Peru's coastline teems with native marine life, both above and below the waves. Enjoy a close encounter with some of the sea's boldest inhabitants—wild sea lions—on this tour from Lima.


We are a tour operator with the seal "Allies of Conservation" provided by Sernanp, which guarantees that our activity does not harm or harm the ecosystem in which we work.



  • 9:45 Meeting Point at the boat
  • We set sail for the Callao Islands, we will be able to observe the anchorage of yachts, sailboats and merchant ships of the bay of Callao. During the journey we will pass through the lower "el Camotal".
  • We pass through the island of San Lorenzo, with rich stories that date back to pre-Columbian times. We see boats fishing, various colonies of guano birds and Humboldt penguins.
  • Swim with sea lions : We reach the furthest point, Palomino Island, which is home to a large colony of sea lions (Sea lions), where we can swim with neoprene suits with freedom among them, thanks to the absence of predators, it is an unforgettable moment full of emotions.
  • Return to Boarding

Recommended (NOT included), have lunch in Chucuito or La Punta, visit the naval museum, the Abtao Submarine or the Real Felipe fortress.

Enabled for people with special abilities and adventurers




    • Tour of 2:30 hours, to the Islands and Islets of Callao.
    • Bilingual guide.
    • Life jackets.
    • Protection fee to the islands (Sernanp).
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