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This trek covers a large part of the Huayhuash mountain range and is considered the second most beautiful trek in the world.


The Huayhuash Trek is a stunning 8-day hiking adventure in Peru that takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes Mountains. With stunning views of towering peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and traditional Andean villages, this trek is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Whether you're an experienced hiker or just starting out, the Huayhuash Trek offers a challenging yet rewarding experience that is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. So pack your bags, lace up your boots, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through one of the most beautiful regions of Peru.


Day 1: Huaraz - Chiquián – Llamac – Cuartelhuain / 4 horas

Early Morning, we will pick up you from your hotel toward Huaraz across the highway observing the variety of the flora and fauna of this region, after that we stray toward the city of Chiquian where we eat lunch.

Then we continue lowering until we reach the Llamac river, we continue for the valley of the river Llamac to the town of Llamac (3300masl.), where from begin our trek following the valley of Llamac after one hour of trek we arrive to the town of Pocpa, a picturesque, place where we will get drinks gasified to encourage our trek, and we continue with the trekking arriving to the mining company of Pallca, we eat lunch and then we spend by two hours until arriving to Cuartelhuain, where we will install our camp to a height of 4200masl, we will have dinner and spend the night there.


Day 2 : Cuartelhuain – Carhuacocha (4 950 m.s.n.m)

After the breakfast in the camp in Cuartelhuain we will begin the ascent until the step Cacananpunta (4,700 masl).

From here we can observe the landscapes. Then we will descend for a wide valley after we begin the walk ascending for a small ravine that leaves narrowing until reaching the step Carhuac (4,650 masl) from where we will be able to observe an excellent panoramic view of Siula and Yerupajá ice-mountain.

Then we descend toward the beautiful lagoon of Carhuacocha to install our camp beside the Lagoon, having as bottom a splendid view of the Yerupajá Grande, Yerupajá Chico and Jirishanca reflected in the Lagoon, we will have dinner and spend the night in the camp at (3,950masl).


Day 3: Carhuacocha – Huayhuash (4 350 m.s.n.m) 6 horas

We leave early after the breakfast following the course of the river until the reach the head of Queropalca ravine and then toward we stray toward the south we begin ascending toward the Paso Carnoicero (4,600 masl), from here we will be able to observe beautiful views of the mountains: Yerupajá (6,634 masl) the second highest mountain in the Peruvian Andes, the Siula (6,356 masl) .

We arrive toward Huayhuash to install our camp (4,350 masl); we will have dinner and spend the night.


Day 4: Huayhuash – Viconga (4 500 m.s.n.m) 5 horas

This day the trek approaches us toward the south end of Huayhuash Mountain range, we ascend to the step Portachuelo of Huayhuash (4,700masl) to reward us with the views of the mountain range of Raura and we descend toward the south arriving to the Viconga lagoon (4,500 masl) to install our camp near the lagoon, arriving very early to the camp.

Free time in the evening, and we be able to enjoy of the bathrooms termomedicinales of Putcka to enjoy a bathroom in its hot waters and then to return to our camp in Viconga, we will have dinner and spend the night.


Day 5: Viconga – Huanacpatay (4 200 m.s.n.m) 8 horas

After the energy breakfast we begin to ascend toward Paso Cuyoc (5,000masl) higher point of the walk and from here we can observe beautiful panoramic view of the Mountain range of Huayhuash, Cuyoc, Puscanturpa, Trapecio, Siula, Yerupajá, Sarapo, Jurao, and others, and toward the South West the Mountain range of Raura.

Then we descend toward the Huanacpatay ravine where we will install our camp.


Day 6: Huanacpatay – Huatiac (4 300 m.s.n.m) 7 horas

We continue with our walk descending for the Huayllapa ravine to the town of Huayllapa (3,550 masl) then we begin the ascent with the Tapush ravine until our camp in Huatiac (4,300 masl).


Day 7: Huatiac – Jahuacocha (4 050 m.s.n.m)

After the breakfast we continue with the ascent for some 2 hours and we reach the Paso Tapush (4,800masl) then we descend toward the lagoon Susococha 4,400masl in a pleasant environment and from where we will be able to enjoy the views of Suerococha (diablo mudo); After we continue walk toward Punta Yaucha (4,847masl) where" The Condor pass.

Then we will continue with our walk to the lagoon Jahuacocha, 7 hours approximately. The possibility to find a fossil (the ammonite) around the lagoon Susococha that demonstrates us the presence of the sea in this place some millions of years ago. The setting of the sun is one of the most beautiful views in the mountain range of Huayhuash.

Here we will have dinner and spend the night in Jahuacocha.


Day 8: Jahuacocha – Llamac – Huaraz (3 300 m.s.n.m)

This last walk has duration of 5 hours, and it will drive us toward the town where the muleteers await us “Llamac”. Then we undertake the return toward the city of Huaraz. A small stop in the city of Chiquián 2 hours and then we continue to the city of Huaraz 3 hours.




    • Transportation from your hotel in Huaraz to the starting point of the trek
    • Transportation from the end of the trek to your hotel in Huaraz
    • Food from the exit of Huaraz
    • Guide: Certified walking guide (English or Spanish) for another language on request.
    • Cook trained to prepare varied and healthy dishes.
    • Food: Breakfast, lunch and