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Tour the most extraordinary landscapes of our Peruvian mountains, enjoy a day of trekking and adventure in Canta and discover the legend of the Cordillera de la Viuda!



Morning: Visit to the Cordillera La Viuda
•Early departure at Larcomar (5am)

•We will visit the Checta Petroglyphs, where traces on stones have been found where stylized drawings of animals, humans hunting, elements of the cosmos and others can be seen.
• During the journey we will be able to enjoy the beautiful and impressive landscapes of the Lima mountains.
• We will visit the viewpoint of Cochapampa.
• We will arrive at our main point: Laguna de Chuchun, Laguna Ocho, Laguna Leoncocha and the sighting of the snow-capped mountain range of La Viuda.
• After enjoying our impressive landscapes, we will visit the fish farm of the Huaros community and then return to our next tourist spot.


Afternoon: Visit to Canta - Santa Rosa de Quives
• We will visit the city of Canta; Also called Heroica Villa, for having played a leading role in the battles for independence and in the war with Chile.
• We will visit its Plaza de Armas with its historic colonial pool, the portals of the Republican era, the Church to admire the patrons of Canta, the most important Mariscal Chaperito.
• We will visit its main market where we can make purchases of local products.
• Visit to the sanctuary where our Patron Saint lived.
• We will tour her chapel and the wishing well.

06:00 P.M: In coordinated hours, return departure to Lima
09:00 PM: Arrival in Lima at the same initial starting points.


  • Transport 
    Oxygen balloon for the group
    Payment to the Earth-Pachamama
    Coca leavesnt
    First aid kit
    Official Tourist Guide
    Photography during the tour

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