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Get to know the wilderness of the Amazon jungle through  a few days excursion.


Our lodge is situated deep in the confines of this famous forest. Scout for local wildlife like sloths, monkeys, birds, caimans, piranhas and more as you enjoy river boat rides, visit an Amazonian village, and enjoy the atmosphere of this incredible outdoor environment.


 Excursion with which you will be able to know the main tourist attractions of the city, among which the walks along the calm and peaceful Momón River, a tributary of the great Amazon. During the excursion you will navigate through 3 large rivers (Nanay, Momón and Amazonas), seeing the most important Amazonian fauna.



DAY 01: Iquitos / Amazon Camp Lodge / Iquitos

  • Transfer to Iquitos and the pier (brief orientation on the main tourist attractions of the city during the transfer).
  • Navigation on the Amazon River, the largest in the world. You will be able to appreciate the magnificence of the river, the exuberance of the jungle and the picturesque riverside towns that appear with their characteristic color and joy. We will arrive at our first stop, a nature reserve where we will observe the famous Victoria Regia, the largest ornamental plant in the Amazon, and you will have the opportunity to meet and feed the paiches, lizards, and piranhas.
  • Sailing through the Amazon, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, we will visit an animal sanctuary where you will be able to observe completely free species of monkeys, toucans, macaws, the prehistoric turtle called mata-mata, sloth bears and the famous boa constrictor or anaconda.
  • Continuing our journey through the Amazon River, we will enter the Nanay River and later the Momón River until we reach our Amazon Camp hostel, where you will be received with a welcome drink of typical jungle fruits.
  • Self-service lunch at the Amazon Camp lodge.
  • Walk through the jungle to get to know one of the best-known tribes community of the Amazon jungle, the Boras tribe, participating in their dances and learning about their customs and way of life.
  • Dinner at Amazon Camp.
  • Night excursion through the lush jungle in order to observe different species of insects, tarantulas, frogs, scorpions, monkeys and nocturnal birds.
  • Overnight stay at the accommodation.


DAY 02: Amazon Camp Lodge / Iquitos

  • Observation of the sunrise and listening and sighting of different species of birds (optional).
  • Breakfast at the Amazon Camp.
  • Route of the 4 rivers (Momón, Nanay, Amazonas and Itaya), observation of gray and pink dolphins and visit to the viewpoint in the community of Independencia for the best observation of the Amazon River and its tributaries.
  • Walk through the Native Community of Independencia until seeing a huge Lupuna (Sequoya) tree about 70 meters high. You will be able to try to ascend through its lianas, observe bats and walk through its jungle to a small waterfall where you can cool off if you wish.
  • Lunch at Amazon Camp.
  • Piranha fishing in the vicinity of the lodge and optionally bathing in the river.
  • Dinner at Amazon Camp.
  • Film session with some of the great productions that have been filmed in our hostel (Predator, Anaconda or Pantaleon and the visitors).
  • Overnight stay at the accommodation.


DAY 03: Amazon Camp Lodge / Iquitos 

  • Observation of the sunrise and listening and sighting of different species of birds (optional).
  • Breakfast at Amazon Camp.
  • Departure by boat to visit the Cocama community of Padrecocha, to walk to the Pilpintuwasi or butterfly farm where you can learn the different phases of the metamorphosis of butterflies, as well as observe different species of animals such as monkeys, jaguars, birds, capybaras , turtles, añujes, manatees and lizards in their habitat.
  • Self-service lunch at the Amazon Camp hostel.
  • Canoeing around the hostel.
  • Dinner at Amazon Camp.
  • Night excursion in a rowing canoe on the Momón River (optional) with some of the great productions that have been filmed in our hostel (Predator, Anaconda or Pantaleon and the visitors).
  • Overnight stay at the accommodation.


DAY 04: Amazon Camp Lodge / San Antonio / Iquitos 

  • Breakfast at Amazon Camp.
  • We sail the Momón River by boat for approximately 2 hours until we reach the Rivera Community of San Antonio, we will observe different hamlets and the calm and peaceful waters of the Momón River, in impressive landscapes.
  • Botanical walk with explanation of the medicinal properties of the plants of the Amazon jungle, timber trees, fruit trees, bromeliads, orchids, heliconias, etc. Observation of Renacos and Lupunas (giant trees).
  • Return by boat to Amazon Camp for lunch or Camp Lunch in San Antonio.
  • Relaxing afternoon after a long and spectacular walk in virgin jungle.
  • Dinner at Amazon Camp.
  • Night excursion.
  • Overnight stay at the accommodation..


DAY 05: Amazon Camp Lodge / Iquitos

  • Breakfast at Amazon Camp.
  • Transfer from the Amazon Camp hostel to the port of Bellavista - Nanay and later to the Plaza de Armas of Iquitos, a city founded in the 19th century and which reached its greatest greatness during the rubber era, where we will begin our city tour
  • Observation of the buildings of the colonial era that preserve their beautiful mosaics and iron balconies brought from Europe.
  • Visit to the so-called "Iron House", designed by the renowned French architect Gustave Eiffel and learn why it was built in the main square of Iquitos.
  • Visit to the Morey House. Completely restored house of one of the largest rubber tappers in the city of Iquitos at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Visit to the Amazon Museum, which houses 80 sculptures by the Peruvian/Swedish artist Felipe Lettersten that portray the different Amazonian ethnic groups.
  • Walk around the Belén Market and its floating neighborhood. The most picturesque and curious neighborhood in the city.
  • Tour to the Manatee Rescue Center, where you can learn more about these calm mammals and learn more about the recovery system of this species in the Amazon rivers. You can even feed them.
  • Tour to the Quistococha Zoo. Zoocriadero with 70 rescued Amazonian species, a natural lagoon with rowing and pedal boats for rent, a white sand beach and restaurants. .
  • Lunch at a Quistococha restaurant.
  • Tour in Quistococha (with the possibility of bathing in its white sand beach).
  • Return to the airport or your hotel.