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PERU ITINERARY - two weeks by land 🇵🇪

If you want to visit Peru, you need to know that most of the interest points are very far away from each other.

This itinerary is for the ones that want a comprehensive trip and don't mind long bus (or private) journeys as certain places are only acessible by land.


  • Do a walking tour of the city centre

  • Visit the neighbourhoods of Miraflores and Barranco

  • Make sure you try some Ceviche!

*early bus journey on day 3 to Huacachina*


  • Enjoy the view of the oasis at sunrise and sunset

  • Do some sandboard

  • Trip to Ica to do some Pisco Tasting (traditional drink)

  • You can add an extra day and visit Paracas as a day trip.

You have the possibility to book a Full day from Lima to Huacachina, passing the morning in Paracas. It's a good option because you leave Lima in the morning, you visit the Islas Ballestas in Paracas in the morning, you do the oasis of Huacachina during the day with the Sandboard. Everything is included, you save money, and you save a day of travel!

*overnight bus to Arequipa*


  • Visit the Cathedral and Plaza del Armas

  • Watch the sunset from a rooftop

  • Visit Santa Catalina Monastery

  • Eat at a Pincanteria Arequipeña

  • Day trip to Ruta del Sillar

  • You can add an one or two extra days if you want to visit the Colca Canyon or Salinas & Aguada Branca Natural Reserve

*overnight bus to Puno*


  • Visit Plaza del Armas in Puno

  • Stay overnight in one of the Uros floating islands

  • Do a tour of the lake and visit other floating islands

*overnight bus to Cusco*

or if you don't mind add a day trip called "Ruta del Sol" where you will be travelling bu bus during the day and stopping at several places along the way*


  • Walking tour of Cusco

  • Sacred Valley

  • Machu Picchu

  • Humantay Lake

  • Rainbow Mountain

You will need an extra day or so to take it easy in between some of this day trips as the altitude is very demanding and you will feel exhausted.

*at the end fly back to Lima*

Itinerary by #virginiamoreira.santos


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