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Guide to go to Rainbow Mountain

If it is commonly called Rainbow Mountain (or Cerro Colorado, Montaña Siete Colores - "Mountain of 7 colors") its real name is Vinicunca, from the Quechua "wini" stones and "kunka" neck, in reference to the particularly narrow summit of the mountain.

For more and more travelers, it has become a must in Peru, almost like Machu Picchu.

Here is my ultimate guide to organize your stay, with all the information and my practical advice for visiting the Vinicunca mountain, how to get there and which excursion to choose.

Plan your schedule well

All tours to Rainbow Mountain from Cusco depart very early in the morning, around 3am. So if you have little time in Cusco, you will have to quickly reserve your place for the next day.

The vans return to Cusco around 6 p.m., so plan a full day to visit Rainbow Mountain in the itinerary.

As it will be a long day with a short night, I recommend that you take a more leisurely visit the next day.

View of rainbow mountain in peru


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