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Lima, the City of Kings, awaits you! Explore its colonial streets, savor its renowned cuisine, and discover its rich cultural heritage.

Join our tours for an unforgettable experience in this vibrant Peruvian metropolis.

#VisitLima #PeruAdventure

Embark on a journey to Paracas, where the Ballestas Islands await! Witness the 'Local's Galapagos' with its rich marine life and captivating landscapes.

Our tours promise thrilling boat rides and unforgettable wildlife encounters.


#ParacasAdventure #BallestasIslands

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Ica, an adventure paradise! Experience the Lost Canyon's beauty, sleep under the stars in the desert, and soar over the Nazca Lines. Thrill-seekers will love our sandboarding and buggy adventures.

Cap it off with a visit to a local winery.


#IcaExplorers #DesertAdventures

Nazca, a land of ancient mysteries! Fly over the enigmatic Nazca Lines, explore the Chauchilla Cemetery's secrets, and immerse in its rich history.

Our tours offer a unique glimpse into Peru's archaeological wonders.


#NazcaMysteries #HeritageJourney

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Arequipa, the White City, dazzles with its volcanic stone architecture and majestic Misti volcano. Discover its rich history, indulge in exquisite cuisine, and explore the Colca Canyon.

Our tours reveal the heart of southern Peru.


#ArequipaBeauty #CulturalGem

Puno, the gateway to Lake Titicaca, invites you to explore the highest navigable lake in the world. Discover its floating islands, rich Andean culture, and mystical folklore.

Our tours offer a unique blend of natural beauty and tradition.


#PunoMagic #LakeTiticacaExploration

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Cusco, the heart of the Inca Empire! Marvel at ancient ruins, wander through cobbled streets, and embrace the vibrant local culture.

Journey with us to Machu Picchu and beyond for a truly magical experience.


#CuscoAdventure #IncaHeritage

Puerto Maldonado, the gateway to the Amazon! Dive into the heart of the jungle, encounter diverse wildlife, and embrace the untouched beauty of the rainforest. Our tours offer an exhilarating and authentic Amazon experience.


#AmazonAdventure #PuertoMaldonadoMagic

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Ayacucho, home to the stunning Millpu Pools! Discover this hidden gem with its vibrant turquoise waters set in a serene Andean landscape.

Our tours offer a refreshing escape to nature's beauty and tranquility.


#MillpuMagic #AyacuchoAdventure

Trujillo, where history meets vibrant culture! Discover the ancient Chan Chan ruins, marvel at the Moche pyramids, and experience the colorful Marinera dance. Our tours bring the rich Peruvian past to life.


#TrujilloTreasures #CulturalDiscovery


Chiclayo, a treasure trove of ancient wonders! Unearth the mysteries of the Lord of Sipan, stroll through the bustling Mercado Modelo, and immerse in the rich folklore. Join our tours for a journey through Peru's living history.


#ChiclayoExploration #AncientSecrets

Chachapoyas, a hidden gem in the Andes! Explore the majestic Kuelap fortress, marvel at the Gocta Waterfall, and delve into the cloud forest's mystery. Our tours offer a unique blend of adventure and ancient history.


#ChachapoyasMystique #AndeanAdventure

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Cajamarca, a city steeped in history and natural beauty! Relive the Inca's last stand at the Ransom Room, unwind in the soothing Inca Baths, and soak in the charm of its colonial architecture. Our tours offer a journey through Peru's rich past and present.


#CajamarcaJourney #HistoricSplendor

Tarapoto, the jungle's vibrant heart! Experience the thrill of Amazonian adventures, from river rafting to exploring hidden waterfalls and lush rainforests. Our tours bring you closer to nature's wonders and the warmth of local culture.


#TarapotoAdventure #JungleEscape

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Iquitos, an Amazonian wonder! Embark on river cruises through the lush rainforest, encounter exotic wildlife, and embrace the unique floating market culture. Our tours offer a deep dive into the heart of the Amazon.


#IquitosExperience #AmazonJourney

Máncora, a sun-kissed paradise! Dive into its crystal-clear waters, surf the perfect waves, and relax on golden beaches. Our tours offer the ultimate coastal escape with vibrant nightlife and serene sunsets.


#MancoraMagic #BeachBliss


Tumbes, where the sea meets the mangroves! Explore its diverse ecosystems, relax on pristine beaches, and indulge in the freshest seafood. Our tours offer a tranquil yet adventurous escape to nature's untouched beauty.


#TumbesTranquility #NatureEscape


Huaraz, the adventurer's dream! Trek the stunning Cordillera Blanca, marvel at the beauty of Laguna 69, and explore the ancient ruins of Chavín. Our tours offer breathtaking landscapes and thrilling outdoor experiences.


#HuarazHiking #MountainMajesty


Oxapampa, a charming blend of nature and culture! Discover its unique Austro-German heritage, wander through lush rainforests, and experience vibrant local festivals. Our tours offer a delightful mix of tradition and natural beauty.


#OxapampaDiscovery #CulturalOasis

Tingo María, a tropical haven in the heart of Peru! Explore the mysterious Cave of the Owls, hike through lush rainforests, and marvel at the beauty of the Sleeping Beauty mountain range. Our tours offer an unforgettable journey into nature's wonders.


#TingoMariaAdventure #NatureParadise

velo de las ninfas tingo maria 02.jpg

Pucallpa, where the Amazon meets vibrant culture! Cruise along the Ucayali River, witness the rich biodiversity of the jungle, and immerse in the local Shipibo art and traditions. Our tours offer an authentic Amazonian experience.


#PucallpaJungle #CulturalJourney

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